New Workshop for groups B and C (9-10 a.m.): Creative Writing, Part 2: Habits of the Creative Mind

On Monday we will be moving on to part two of creative thinking and writing.  If you have not turned in creative writing from unit one (I may be editing or yet to edit and that’s ok), in most cases a short story, you have not allowed me to see that you understand the concepts discussed or at least that you have given them a try; however, I do appreciate your attending the class and reading the material.

I hope you all will continue on to this new workshop in writing. It won’t be so much as “write a short story” or a particular genre  but based off of the book suggested by a former student titled “Habits of the Creative Mind” by R. Miller and Ann Jurecic. We will examine a collection of essays about writing, each one written to spur reflection on what’s involved in training the mind to make the world a more interesting pace to live, and each on followed by prompts to generate more writing in return.

The end result to be considered “competent” is for you to see writing as a technology to think thoughts that are new to you.  I want you to ask questions, explore, read, discuss, lose track of time, take risks, make wrong turns, and try again. I want you to experience the essence of what it means to have a creative mind (quoted from the preface of the book).