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Local History Ideas

Here are some things to think about if you are interested in doing a local history project but don’t have any ideas, yet.

  • Research a downtown building or location, Here is a good example from 5 pound apparel of building research turned into an informative poster.
  • Research an event in Ozark’s or Springfield’s history and turn it into a radio story, documentary, or something else (Wild Bill Hickock’s shootout,  anti-African American violence in early 20th century)
  • Research the impact of national and world on Springfield (World Wars, Great Depression, 1918 Flu Pandemic)
  • Pick a topic that interests you and explore its role in Springfield(history of baseball in Springfield, Springfield music scenes, the labor movement in Springfield, immigrant populations in Springfield, women’s rights in Springfield)
  • Do a profile of a famous, infamous, or interesting Springfieldian(s) (Springfield’s first doctors, Bob Barker in Springfield, Springfield’s early radio and TV stars)

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