We Will Start with Creative Writing….

The practice of creative writing helps to train our mind and enrich our soul. By practicing you become more able to concentrate, to sort and understand emotions and information, to read people more clearly, to take a broader view, to make finer distinctions.

“Okay, so why is that?  I thought creative writing was fiction, crazy made up stuff….”

Agree or disagree with me, but I think the practice (and study) of creative writing is:

  • Learning to pay closer attention to the world and human experience;
  • practice rendering, with words, those experiences, in a way that makes them alive in the reader’s mind;
  • using writing and words–both yours and others–to expand and extend who you are and what you can know.

Can you or I become a creative writer? What if I don’t have anything to say? What if I am boring? What if I’m not inspired? What if someone criticizes my work, and I don’t want to write at all?

We are starting with creative writing because for some it is the hardest type of writing; all these questions and concerns are valid. You as a writer are vulnerable, there aren’t rules.  We will learn together – no judgments in this class, only willingness to help one another.

Let’s start with the advice you read yesterday from “famous” writers and go from there.