Communitas Schedule

We have set Thursday right after lunch as the meeting time for Communitas. It could take the full afternoon or it could take 15 minutes depending on the agenda. Speaking of agenda, please add comments to this post to add items to the agenda for this week.

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agreed. We have no reason to continue to waste time and effort on something so menial.

That said, Sweden for life.

I would like to discuss PE possibilities – cardio boxing, pilates at The BodySmith (next to SLT). YMCA options. Green space downtown. If we were to do something not downtown how would we get there, etc..?

I would also like to set a cleaning schedule.

We also need to discuss themes for 1st Friday…”Dark Twist” has been nominated. Also, have we moved on from “Freedom of Choice”?

Here are some things that can be added to the agenda:
*reasonableness with the candy dish and other shared supplies.
*First Friday Artwalk signup process, etc
*Investments for project based learning
*Discussion on ‘inappropriate’, ‘unsafe’, ‘triggering’ topics for public projects (art and academic) and how to handle them.

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